Irrigation & Water Management

Wilhelm Brothers provides residential and commercial property owners with cost-effective solutions for irrigation, drainage and rainwater capture designed to keep landscapes looking beautiful throughout the year while protecting investments in time, money and equipment.


Irrigation Design, Installation, Maintenance and Repairs
Drainage Systems
Rainwater Capture and Recycling

Irrigation Systems

Poorly designed and maintained irrigation systems waste water, increase maintenance costs and degrade the health of turf grasses, plants and trees. In addition, state and regional water use restrictions make it imperative that irrigation systems operate efficiently to sustain Florida’s threatened water resources.

Wilhelm Brothers’ qualified technicians design, install, upgrade, maintain, or repair irrigation systems, customizing each solution to the unique features and challenges of individual landscapes. They specialize in low-volume drip irrigation and micro-irrigation systems in addition to traditional sprinkler systems.

Irrigation design complements landscape design. The precepts of the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program guide our design team. In landscape design, they group plants in zones according to their specific environmental needs. When plants are grouped accordingly, irrigation volumes and timing can be calibrated without affecting surrounding landscapes.
The amount of water required to keep plants, grasses and trees healthy changes throughout the year. Air temperature, rainfall, wind, soil type and soil water capacity impact how much water grasses, plants and trees need to thrive. Wilhelm Brothers managers perform routine inspections to ensure that each zone in a managed irrigation system is probably calibrated and delivering the right amount of water at the right time.

Drainage Systems

Southwest Florida residential and commercial property owners are accustomed to the intensive rainfall that our tropical weather systems can generate. Poor drainage can lead to flooding and standing water that can degrade plants and trees, cause structural damage to homes, decks, garages, office buildings and warehouses, and create a breeding medium for toxic molds, mosquitoes and other pests. Wilhelm Brothers can design a drainage system to protect the integrity of your home or business and safeguard your landscape investment.

Rainwater Capture and Recycling

A cost-effective, earth-friendly way to supplement landscape irrigation is through the capture and recycling of rainwater. Rainwater can be collected in small-scale rain barrel systems or in larger above- and below-ground cisterns that can safely store thousands of gallons of water. Sealed for protection against mosquitoes and other animals, cisterns are designed to hold water for long periods of time then feed it by either gravity or mechanical pump to the landscape. Rainwater capture systems pay for themselves after a few years of operation and increase the amount of water available for landscaping, gardening and farming.

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A Tip from the Pros

Contrary to popular belief, over watering can adversely affect landscape health equally to using too little water.