Environmental Landscape Design

By creating residential and commercial landscapes through sensitive environmental design, property owners beautify homes, businesses and communities, increase property values and save money and time on maintenance while contributing to a more sustainable environment. Our Florida Friendly landscape designs are based on the principles of the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program. In addition, Wilhelm Brothers specializes in integrating features such as butterfly gardens, water features and outdoor entertainment spaces to complement each landscape design.

Environmental Design Benefits

• Features Florida friendly plants and trees
• Reduces water use
• Reduces maintenance costs
• Increases the number of beneficial insects
• Reduces pollution
• Increases property values
• Contributes to a sustainable environment

Design Consultation

Client Interview and Walk-About

How clients plan to use their outside spaces - an extension of their home or business - guides the Wilhelm Brothers environmental landscape design process. Through an on-site interview and property walk-about, we confirm our client’s aesthetic vision for color and space, their budget and maintenance concerns, and their interest in special amenities such as butterfly gardens, water features and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Site Evaluation

After analyzing soil, sunshine patterns, water sources and surrounding structures, we create a draft design plan and select native grasses from a variety of plants and trees that will thrive in landscape but require minimal upkeep. Any drainage, invasive plant species, pest, or potential health and safety issues are documented.

Budgeting and Design Plan

Wilhelm Brothers can create a gorgeous, environmentally friendly landscape to meet any budget. Our design and installation experience ranges from commercial and municipal properties to residential homes. Before we dig, clients sign off on a final budget and detailed design plan.



• Design
• Excavation and installation
• Mulch and organic groundcovers
• Micro-irrigation systems
• Butterfly gardens
• Organic vegetable gardens
• Composting systems


• Design and installation
• Stone and rock gardens
• Stone, rock and paver treatments for pools, driveways, patios and walks
• Retaining walls
• Outdoor fireplaces


• Design and installation
• Ecosystem ponds with waterfalls
• Pondless waterfalls
• Decorative fountains