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A community, especially one that is managed by a Home Owners Association, takes a lot of pride in the neighborhood. It’s not just a place where residential buildings are located; it is a space that homeowners and their families enjoy and make memories in. That’s why environmental maintenance can be so important, and this is something you’ll want to leave to the professionals. Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management is here to help any HOA with their property maintenance needs, contact us today for more information.

Who We Are

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management has been in the business for decades, serving the needs of Southwest Florida property owners since 1978. As a proudly locally owned and operated business, this means we have years of professional experience required to do the job right. We have a local understanding of the landscape to know the best way to tackle each environmental challenge.

When you come to Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management, you’re not getting a large, national chain with a generic approach to property care, whether it’s the desert in Nevada or the forests and coasts of Maine. We’ve grown up in South Florida, we still live here, and we know the unique demands the climate places on human cultivated landscapes. We put all that knowledge in the service of our clients.

People That Take Their Job & Your Property Seriously

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management understands that getting a job done right means hiring the right people, with the proper knowledge, the right attitude, and giving them the right tools. That’s why our clients never have to worry about who is maintaining their property. Our staff is easily recognizable from the uniforms they wear when you see them at work. They are insured to protect you and themselves, and are fully trained, fully equipped, and aim to work effectively and efficiently to your exact needs.

We also work hard to ensure full transparency and accountability with HOA needs. Work done is fully documented, with a clear paper trail that can be preserved and stored for financial, tax, and archival purposes that HOAs may require. We have extensive experience working with Master-Planned communities and can tailor a maintenance plan to suit specific HOA and environmental needs.

Full-Service Landscape Management

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management provides a range of different services to ensure clients get exactly what they need. There is a range of different regular and emergency services that we provide, including:

Property Maintenance

A large tract of land, especially one owned by members of an HOA, often requires a lot of care and attention to maintain a safe, healthy, pleasing appearance. We excel at regular maintenance, so HOA members don’t have to worry about activities such as:

And much more. Anyone can perform these activities quickly, inefficiently, and with sub-par results, but we ensure the entire HOA property looks green, neat, and healthy all year round.

Sustainable Landscape Design

For the HOA that is looking for a change, we can provide a redesign for a new look for the area. Sustainable landscape design isn’t just about environmental friendliness; with the right sustainable choices, plants, hedges, and other fixtures are better designed to look good and survive Florida’s climate with lower amounts of time and maintenance, and that means lower cost for our clients. This type of design may include:

Tree & Palm Care

The palm tree is one of the iconic forms of plant life for Florida, and many HOA communities proudly display their palms and other trees. Trees, however, while sturdy, benefit from regular inspection and special care from time to time if warranted. Tree care consists of services, including:

  • Palm tree care
  • Citrus tree care
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal
  • Tree injections
  • And more.

Irrigation & Drainage

Water management is an essential aspect of maintaining both healthy and safe environments. During dry spells, plants need hydration, and when the storms come, systems should be in place to handle the excess and head off flooding. Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management can assist with both irrigation and drainage needs with services like:

Fertilization & Pest Control

Taking care of HOA property is about more than just trimming and pruning greenery. Plants are living things, and require sustenance and nutrition. They are also viewed as food sources by other organisms and are vulnerable to predators. We can ensure healthier, safer plants with services such as:

And more. It takes a lot of time, experience, effort, and organization to maintain a beautiful, eye-catching HOA property, especially if it is large and sprawling. If you want to get the best results, leave it to the experts.

Contact Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management and let us make your property greener and healthier.

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