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It is not enough to design and set up an attractive landscape for your community, shopping center, or other types of properties. Comprehensive horticulture, proper problem diagnosis, fertilization, irrigation, and soil health also need to be discussed to keep your landscape lush and save you from having to replace the entire landscape periodically. Let’s look at some maintenance aspects for healthy landscaping.


Wilhelm Brothers understands that proper irrigation management is critical for lawns and landscapes. In Florida, it is even more important to conserve and protect our water resources. Water is the most important factor to think about once you have chosen your plants. If you do not irrigate properly, this will affect the soil and its nutrient levels.

The water-wise irrigation and environmental arboriculture divisions of our company can analyze all the aspects of a landscape to ensure each plant gets the right amount of water for its type and location. This is done with different methods such as drip systems, sprinkler systems, hand watering, irrigation, and even soil moisture sensors.


Fertilization is another vital component of landscape maintenance. It must be applied correctly to maximize plant health but minimize potential nutrient loss. When fertilizer is applied at the correct amount and the right time, the plant’s root system will be able to absorb most of the nutrients. Too much fertilizer can weaken plants, invite pests, promote disease, waste your money, and, worst of all, harm the environment.

When it comes to fertilizing plants and lawnscapes, our team practices environmental landscape management (ELM) to reduce the environmental impact of the fertilizers needed. We have found that doing so reduces maintenance cost, eliminates pollution, and preserves valuable resources.

Soil Health

When we talk about soil health, we acknowledge how the soil functions as a vital, living ecosystem that sustains plants, lawns, and trees. It should do the following:

  • Retain nutrients
  • Support plant growth
  • Store and filter water
  • Suppress disease and pests
  • Detoxify harmful chemicals
  • Support the production of food for the plant

With over 160 years of combined environmental horticultural experience, the members of our team are experts in Florida lawns, turf, and grasses.

Environmental Pest Control

When it comes to eliminating pests from your ornamentals, plants, grasses, trees, and landscape, our licensed environmental pest control team uses an integrated pest management (IPM) system. An IPM system uses an ecosystem-based strategy focusing on the long-term prevention of pests. This is done with several techniques such as biological control, manipulating habitat, and using resistant varieties of plants. The pest control materials are carefully selected and applied to minimize risk to beneficial organisms, human health, and the environment.

Problem Diagnosis

Up to a dozen different diseases affect Florida’s palm trees. Checking the appearance of palm trees alone is not helpful as other factors such as the location, light source, water, and fertilizer can affect the palm as well. Our specialists not only conduct tests when symptoms are observed but also provide preventative treatment. Our crew members at Wilhelm Brothers are highly trained in horticultural landscape practices and knowledgeable in Florida plants and diseases that can affect your lawn.


Having your trees and foliage pruned properly is an investment not just for the health of your plants but also for the overall look and safety of your property. When a plant is pruned and trimmed properly, you get the following benefits:

  • No more dead or broken branches
  • Reduced potential of branches falling and hurting someone
  • Removal of old branches to promote new, healthy growth
  • Trees can be trained to grow how you want them to
  • A good foundation for the long-term health of the plant

At Wilhelm Brothers, we have technical tree removal experts and trained rigging specialists. This allows our team to provide superior canopy cleaning, structural pruning, reducing, and vista pruning. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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