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Florida is known for having year-round sunshine, and this greatly affects our landscapes. While we have very wet summers, the rest of the year is dry and hot. Keeping these factors in mind when planting is crucial if you want to have a beautiful landscape. We at Wilhelm Brothers utilize a variety of techniques, including mulching, to support seasonal planting and protect your plants.

Create Distinctive Landscapes

Vibrant colors are eye-catching, and they can increase the attractiveness of any outdoor space. Our team of experienced horticulturists can help you add seasonal color for a picturesque garden all year round. We’ll help you choose plant varieties that will make a good impression on visitors while reflecting the look of the season. Our seasonal planting includes:

    • Spring  – We are fortunate to live in southwest Florida where we can grow a wide variety of colorful plants, however spring can be a rather hot and dry time of year and care must be given to selecting plants that will thrive whether we are having a dry spring or a more mild one.

Fortunately, our horticulturists know exactly how to take care of bulbs, and they will ensure that you enjoy a wide array of spring-blooming varieties year after year.

  • Summer Annuals – Annuals come in many colors and textures that can draw the eye. Building a layered look with them should be done by an expert to ensure that the plants are healthy and the design suits your landscape. Summer annuals are perfect to plant just as the spring bulbs go back to hibernation.
  • Fall Annuals – Fall annuals are also available in a beautiful range of colors. They bring warmth and rich tones to the season. We can also do holiday planting for Halloween and Thanksgiving and design your beds to smoothly transition to a winter holiday display.
  • Winter Color – Winter color can be achieved in a couple of ways. The first is with winter annuals that can bring gorgeous colors to your beds and planters. The second is with shrubbery and perennials that change colors with the change of the season. We utilize both to brighten up your winter garden beds.

We have an immense supply network that can help us find any colors and varieties of plants for your garden. We’ll make sure that you achieve the look you want with minimal maintenance.

Mulching To Protect Your Beds

We don’t just help beautify your beds with ornamental plants but provide mulching services as well. We’ll help you pick the perfect color of mulch to create a neutral background that will allow the colors of your flowers to pop.

Our mulching services also serve to protect the plants, roots, and soil. Mulching keeps the soil moist, reduces weed growth, and adds important nutrients to the soil. It also helps fight against wind and water erosion and reduces the maintenance required to keep your garden beds healthy.

A Comprehensive Service Package

The horticulturists at Wilhelm Brothers offer a year-round seasonal package that includes the plants, the design of the beds, and maintenance throughout the year. We’ll review your color options, determine your needs, and put together a comprehensive plan. You’ll be provided with price transparency and full documentation of the process. We even offer a customer relationship management tool that you can access online to check the project’s progress and make notes and changes as needed.

Enhance the visual appeal of your property to attract guests, customers, and potential buyers with our seasonal planting and mulching services. With our help, your garden and your entire property will never fail to impress.

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