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Wilhelm Brothers Is A Division Of GreenTech Landscape Management.

Professional Landscape Management For Sarasota’s Communities

Wilhelm provides complete landscape maintenance service including, lawn care, tree & palm service, irrigation systems maintenance and professional landscape design, for Sarasota residential & commercial properties.

Why Choose Wilhelm Brothers?

Experienced, Dedicated
& Passionate Team

Everyone from management to maintenance crews is experienced & professional working as team to provide the best landscape services & keep sarasota beautiful.

Our team includes some the Sarasota area’s most experienced landscape professionals

Quiet Communities
Breathing Easier

Notice your beautiful landscape not our maintenance crews.

Wilhelm uses electric power equipment where possible to help reduce the noise and exhaust associated with landscape maintenance and trimming.

Excellent, Fast
Customer Experience

Wilhelm uses electronic payment, invoicing and scheduling making it fast, easy and organized for homeowners and accounting departments to order and maintain services.

However when you want personal face to face service our management team is always available for you.

Featured Case Study

The Bay Sarasota

A transformative 53-Acre Revitalization Project In The Downtown Bayfront involving new structures and large landscape improvments

Phase I Installation:
Wilhelm Brothers Installed the plants and landscape elements around the pond at the Sarasota Garden Club as part of the Phase I plan of The Bay Sarasota.

Horticulture Consultation:
Landscape architect and certified planner Bill Waddill, consulted with Grant Beatt when determining the plant pallet to be used in the design...

Complete Landscape Maintenance, Sarasota FL

Wilhelm Brothers specializes in landscape maintenance for communities and HOAs. We have been helping clients in Sarasota and Manatee Counties with their landscaping needs since 1978.

Lawn Care

Our multitude of lawn care services include mowing, trimming, edging, pruning, verticutting, thatch, soil top dressing and much more. Where possible we use low-noise electric tools to reduce the noise levels for your residents. We provide only the best in professional business to business landscaping for a wide array of potential clients from gated communities, condominiums and much more.

Seasonal Planting

Wilhelm keeps your communities looking fresh and beautiful with seasonal plantings. Wilhelm brothers understands the types of plants that will. beoth be beautiful and thrive in the weather conditions of the current season. In addition to planting seasonals we also have year round planting which supports plants from winter, spring, summer and fall. All four seasons can support ornamentals which add illustrious colors to your lawn. If you have any questions regarding seasonals talk to us. 

Irrigation – Systems & Maintenance

Irrigation is the most important thing that we always emphasize for landscape maintenance. Proper irrigation is essential after all every drop of water counts. Too much water can ruin landscapes and cost customers money, too little can kill plants so balance is critical. The process for our irrigation services that we always follow first we identify hydrozones, audit water quality and then install filtration if necessary, afterwards we create a custom irrigation system just for you. 


Fertilizing plants is an integral aspect of proper landscape maintenance, its importance is to ensure root and leaf growth, replacing lost nutrients, helping to recover damage and reducing and controlling weeds. We are professionals with over 40 years of horticulture experience and have a wide range of fertilizer solutions from organic low-impact to traditional phosphate-based. We do extensive testing before using fertilizers we do extensive examinations to figure out what type of fertilizer and how much is needed. There are many different types of fertilizer and we figure out which is the one right for you. We advocate precession and experience whilst using fertilizer rather than unskillfully dumping fertilizer and expecting it to work. Much like irrigation, applying too much fertilizer is wasteful and in some cases harmful, Wilhelm ensures that only the optimal amount of fertilizer that is needed is used.

Arborist – Shade Tree, Palm Care and Maintenance

In addition to trimming and pruning, Wilhelm Landscape Management tree and palm care services include health and horticulture services including, treating pests and diseases, mold, stress and other tree related problems if you have problems relating to tree care then don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team of certified arborists. With our team of arborists your trees will be thriving and we offer a range of different programs for trees found all across Florida.

Hardscape – Installation and Maintenance

In addition to our landscape and plant care services we also do hardscape and water features for our customers. Popular hardscape includes paths, walkways, retaining walls and landscape boulders. Notable aquascapes are ponds, swimming pools ,waterfalls, and fountains. An important concern is stormwater management which is taken care of through inspection, rebuilding and upgrading the drainage system with ways for water to flow out. Stormwater management systems are maintained to ensure that they work all year round. If something goes wrong in the system you can call us and we’ll head to the site to see what’s wrong and fix it. We also do landscape lighting that’s energy smart and cheap. 

Residential Landscaping

To summarize our residential landscape services include mowing, trimming, hedging, mulching, water feature maintenance and seasonal color planting. Tree care services for residents include, palm care, citrus care, tree removal and stump removal. Irrigation, pest control and fertilizer are also key for residential landscaping.  The home is by far the most important thing anyone will own in their life so it’s essential that you entrust the care of your lawn to a landscape expert. Our team of experts arrive in uniform and use electric tools instead of gasoline which has low noise.

Landscape Management For Condominiums

Condominium Landscaping requires professional help experienced with maintaining an attractive property without being intrusive to residents. Good landscape management is essential for condo owners as care is needed to ensure that the buildings maintain strong curb appeal and happy owners, to attract strong sales interest. It’s critical that the job is done in a way that is NOT intrusive and does not disturb the residents. Our services for condo owners include trimming and pruning, property maintenance, planting, tree and palm care, irrigation and drainage, fertilization and pest control.

 We pride ourselves on being experienced lawn maintenance experts who are streamlined seamlessly with businesses electronic work orders and have a motivated experienced team with low turnover giving condo property managers a great experience.

Seamless Professional Workflow

Our administration staff are efficient and provide seamless accounting and record keeping for all clients including work orders and electronic payments, making it a pleasure for HOAs and Condominium property managers to keep track of services.

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