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If you own and/or operate a condo, apartment complex, or dedicated commercial property, then you already know that you are running a business. A successful business is all about managing costs and ensuring that the money you spend on staff and operations doesn’t exceed your revenue. Property management can be an important aspect of this, especially environmental maintenance, and Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management is here to help any condo or commercial property in this regard. Contact us for more information.

Who Are The Wilhelm Brothers?

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management is proud to be a locally owned and operated business serving Southwest Florida since 1978. That means decades of experience with the unique climate and environmental demands of the Florida region, and the knowledge of how best to work with the environment in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management is not a large, national chain with a generic response to landscape management designed to produce passable, mediocre results, whether it’s the California desert or Colorado Rockies. Because of our experience living and working in Southwest Florida, landscape solutions are tailored to this soil, temperature, humidity, and other climate features. That means the work and solutions are tailored to your location and your property’s unique environmental requirements.

Our Business Is Helping Your Business

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management knows that for a condo or a commercial property, the landscape can be a crucial part of the overall business. The appearance of a neatly maintained environment is a perk and a sign of confidence for potential buyers or renters in a condo complex. For commercial property, a neatly maintained landscape is part of the corporate image of any business, and a poor environment makes a poor first impression on customers and clients.

This is why Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management is committed to making sure businesses feel like they are working with a trusted partner when they come to us. We offer full-service landscape management that condo and commercial operators can rely on with features like:

A Quality Team

The company management has over three decades of local experience and puts a premium on quality staff with a professional work ethic. As a result, our team provides a stable environment for employees, with low-turnover. The staff themselves are fully trained for Florida’s environment, as well as cross-trained in the variety of tools and equipment required to do the job quickly, efficiently, and with no compromises in quality.

In addition, when you see our staff at work, they’ll be easy to spot thanks to the uniforms they wear as well as the speed and discipline with which they work. They are fully insured to protect you and themselves and are dedicated to the job, with full accountability.

Rigorous Accounting

If you’re running a business, you already know how important a paper trail is for finances and records. You will get the records and documentation that you need to ensure your financial activities are correctly organized, filed, and ready to comply with taxation requirements.

Enhanced Client Management

We have a dedicated customer relations management (CRM) system in place to ensure clients get the response and resolution they deserve. Advanced scheduling and routing are available for people that want more detailed planning ahead of time. A client portal is maintained to reach out to us, and work order tracking is available to ensure everyone is on the same page.


We are continually researching new technologies and techniques to make our work better, faster, and less intrusive. For example, our emphasis on electric, rather than gasoline-fueled equipment for trimming means that we are not only more environmentally friendly, we are also quieter, making for less distracting or disturbing work, especially during office hours.

A Full Array Of Landscape Management Services

Our primary goal is to help condos and commercial properties to look their best without having to expend the time and effort to do so. However, there’s a lot more to landscape management than just ensuring that grass is trimmed to a low height, and shrubs or edges are neatly clipped. Some types of maintenance can be preventive, to avoid future issues, while others may be the result of more drastic actions, due to a change of plans, or a decision to invest more in a new look for the landscape, such as adding or removing water features.

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management has the experience, equipment, and staff to handle a variety of different tasks, including:

A condo or commercial property goes far beyond the already exacting standards of residency and need to meet the stringent demands of the business. This can be challenging if it’s a large and expansive property. If you want to get the best results, leave it to the experts. Contact Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management and let us make your property greener and healthier.

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