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Soil top dressing was developed to address a number of issues that affect our lawns. It is a prepared soil mixture that is applied in a layer to the top of the lawn. Top dressing is a delicate and time-consuming process that can be detrimental to the soil if done improperly. That is why it must be administered by expert landscape managers like the staff at Wilhelm Brothers.

Fix Imperfections With Soil Top Dressing

Soil top dressing has a number of applications that can help fix imperfections and problems in your lawn. When applied correctly, it can:

  • Smoothen the surface of the lawn, creating a flatter, more appealing space
  • Reduce the buildup of thatch and encourage the decomposition of plant materials
  • Prevent soil drying and dehydration in high-wind areas, reducing the need for excess irrigation
  • Keep plants from dehydrating and encourage the establishment of healthy root systems during the seeding process

Soil top dressing can also help with common lawn issues such as:

  • Weeds
  • Fungus
  • Pests
  • Heat stress
  • Overseeding

Improve Soil Quality With Top Dressing

Soil top dressing can also improve soil quality. The soil mixture used in top dressing can help amend the soil by adding nutrients to it. Soil top dressing mixtures can be made with a variety of different soils, sands, compost, and nutrient-dense additives. Soil amending with top dressing usually takes several applications to perfect, but it creates a rich, nutrient-dense soil that will keep your vegetation healthy and thriving. Top dressing paired with core aeration helps bring the nutrients to the root layer. This method can help speed up grass recovery and lead to a healthier lawn.

The Importance Of Working With A Professional

Top dressing uses a layering technique that can help enrich the soil. However, if the layering is done incorrectly, it can lead to the blockage of water absorption, causing plants to become dehydrated. This is usually a result of mislayering the textured soils and applying a fine-textured soil on top of a coarse-textured soil. The top dressing mixture and application strategy should be handled by an expert who understands the chemical compounds and textures of different soils. Top dressing is also a labor-intensive process that requires specialized tools, so it is best to work with experts like the Wilhelm Brothers team to save time and effort.

Soil Top Dressing’s Environmental Impact

Soil top dressing is a traditional method that has been used for centuries to help amend the soil naturally. People who are concerned about the health and environmental risks of chemical fertilizers as well as the high cost of applying them often find soil top dressing to be the best solution for their lawns. Top dressing uses natural materials and techniques to achieve results.

What Is The Process?

It starts with investigating the issues affecting your lawn and doing a soil test to determine if there are any nutrient deficiencies or problems with the pH balance. Once the top dressing expert understands these issues, they will make a plan that includes:

  • 1. Killing any weeds that are present and digging out any invasive plant species
  • 2. Preparing the soil amendment mixture
  • 3. Working the top dressing mixture into the ground (our experts use rakes for smaller spaces and specialized equipment for larger
  • 4. Planting seeds if necessary areas)
  • 5. Irrigating the lawn to keep the roots moist and help the top dressing settle without being swept away by the wind

This simple process is repeated until we achieve the desired results.

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