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The knowledgeable landscaping team at Wilhelm Brothers is comprised of Sarasota’s leading experts on lawn care. We take care of everything to ensure that your lawn is healthy and thriving all year round. By working with our lawn care technicians, you’ll have a green lawn that is free of pests, disease, and dead patches. Plus, you’ll save time and money on lawn care.

Love Your Lawn

Having a lush, healthy lawn takes a lot of work, and when you’re busy, it’s tough to find time to take good care of it. Our lawn care services will take the burden of lawn maintenance off your shoulders so you can focus on your other tasks. Our comprehensive lawn care services include:

  • Mowing – Proper mowing is the key to a healthy lawn. Our experts will make sure that your grass is mowed at the right frequency to meet seasonal needs. We’ll see to it that your grass is at the proper height to shade the roots, prevent stress due to pests and disease, and promote growth. We’ll also schedule mowing when it is the least disruptive to your community so you can have a neatly trimmed lawn without receiving noise complaints from your neighbors.
  • Fertilizing – Lawn fertilization can be tricky, but with the experienced team at Wilhelm Brothers, you’ll never have to worry about your grass getting burned or your community being put at risk for toxins. We use environmentally sound fertilizing techniques that support lawn growth and protect the health of your residents.
  • Edging – Lawn edging gives your lawn a sharp, manicured appearance. This technique dramatically increases your curb appeal and adds value to your property. Edging also provides a root barrier that prevents invasive grass from growing in your flower beds, on your pathways, and anywhere it’s not supposed to grow.
  • Verticutting – Verticutting is an advanced technique that removes thatch buildup along the soil line. Thatch is the layer of dead stems and roots that accumulates along the soil line. Removing the thatch helps your grass better absorb nutrients and breathe easier. It also helps moisture absorb into the soil so your grass gets the water it needs with less irrigation. Verticutting makes your lawn look greener and grow healthier as well.
  • Top Dressing – Top dressing is a traditional way of fertilizing a lawn naturally. This is when a layer of healthy compost or a soil amendment is applied across the lawn. The amendments are then worked into the thatch layer to reach the roots of the grass. Top dressing is a labor-intensive process that delivers amazing results. It is environmentally friendly, and it helps your grass grow strong and healthy.
  • Pest Control – There’s nothing worse than having your gorgeous lawn ruined by pests. Our lawn care experts can eliminate all kinds of harmful creatures, from insects like fire ants, mole crickets, and chinch bugs to rodents like moles and voles that can destroy your lawn in a matter of days. No matter what is attacking your lawn, our expert team can protect your landscape from it.

As a full-service lawn care company, Wilhelm Brothers can offer all of these services either as a package or a la carte to meet the unique needs of your lawn.

Picturesque Lawns At Affordable Rates

We offer competitive pricing on our lawn care services, which are backed by detailed accounting records and a top-notch customer relation management system. We’ve made lawn care simple for property owners with work order tracking, advanced scheduling, and a dedicated team of knowledgeable customer service representatives always available to answer any questions. When you work with Wilhelm Brothers, you’ll have not only a beautiful lawn at a great price but also a hassle-free experience.

For an organic Sarasota Lawn Care provider, visit our sister company GreenEdge.

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