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For many Americans, being a homeowner is part of the dream, but once that dream becomes a reality, there are also financial considerations to keep in mind. Owning a home is often the most expensive purchase the majority of people will make in their lives, and as such, becomes an investment that should not only be protected but can appreciate with time. Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management understands just how significant this investment can be to homeowners, and if you’re interested in professional, proficient landscape working, contact us for more information.

The Wilhelm Brothers Story

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management is 100% locally owned and operated here in Southwest Florida. Since 1978, the Wilhelm Brothers have been helping Florida condo complexes, commercial properties, HOAs, and individual homeowners to enjoy beautiful landscapes that are professionally maintained.

As a local company, Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management understands that properties on the suncoast, if they want to look beautiful and be maintained appropriately, must be approached the Florida way, with an understanding of soil, climate, and weather. We don’t take a national corporate approach of assuming the same action plan for landscaping that works for California will do just as well in Maine. Our approach is focused on Florida homeowners with all the unique climate and environmental demands Southwest Florida in particular makes.

Professionals You Can Trust

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management has built up a reputation over the decades for fair, hardworking, honest dealing with every client. Whether it is the local government for a municipal project, businesses focused on maintaining their landscape appearance, or homeowners that want to enjoy a beautiful property, we give everyone the same respect and professional courtesy.

As part of our dedication to our clients, we offer every person, business, or organization that comes to us a wealth of different support structures. We understand how vital property and landscape maintenance can be, and to ensure everyone gets the results they want, we provide the following benefits:

Trained Staff

Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management is proud to have a stable, low turnover rate when it comes to staff. Good people are hard to come by, and when they develop a professional work ethic, learn how to adapt and work with Florida’s environment, and get cross-training in all the tools of the trade, that’s a valuable business investment.

You’ll recognize our staff because they will always appear in uniform, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that knowing they are fully insured to protect you and themselves. We also ensure full accountability, as well as an emphasis on consideration, such as using electric—rather than gasoline-fueled—trimming equipment to reduce noise and distraction.

Our Services

Whether you have a large property, a small one, water features, or even palm or citrus trees. We’re here to help with the full range of landscape management services, including:

Property Maintenance

The backbone of our company, we ensure that what you have looks vibrant, neat, and beautiful with an array of different techniques, such as:

• Mowing, trimming, pruning & hedging
• Mulching
• Landscape lighting
• Water feature maintenance
• Seasonal color planting
Sustainable Landscape Design

You may be moving into a new property and want a change, or just thinking that it’s now time to invest in a different look for your property. If you’re interested in a landscape that not only works well with Florida’s climate but requires less maintenance, for lower costs, we can help with:

• Natural fertilizer
• Composting solutions
• Soil pest control
Tree & Palm Care

Trees are beautiful to look at, and palm trees are iconic for this region of the USA. However, trees need a bit of extra care, especially considering the damage they can inflict if they fall. We can ensure your trees look beautiful with services like:

• Palm tree care
• Citrus tree care
• Tree removal
• Stump removal
• Tree injections

Irrigation & Drainage

Whether it is a dry spell that needs to be overcome to ensure your plants stay green, or preventive measures to keep the stormy season from overwhelming your landscape, we can help with measures such as:
• Irrigation system design and installation
• Rain sensor irrigation
• Stormwater management
• Grey water recovery

Fertilization & Pest Control

Another essential aspect of landscape management is nutrition and protection. Water alone is not sufficient for some plants to remain healthy, and a bit of extra help goes a long way. On the other side of the equation, plants are vulnerable to a multitude of different insects. They can use some help in avoiding falling victim to predators. We offer services like:

• Fertilizer management
• Pest control management
• Composting solutions
And more.

When you’ve worked hard and finally invested in a home that you’re proud of, you want to keep being proud of it. A well-maintained landscape is part of that pride, and we can help you to achieve that, and continue to enjoy it all year round. If you’d like to know more, we can help. Contact Wilhelm Brothers Landscape Management and let us make your property greener and healthier.

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