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Hardscaping and installing water features can emphasize certain aspects of your landscape, cover unsightly issues, create various moods, and provide protection for your yard. Hardscape features can add texture, sound, and movement to your property, elevating both the atmosphere in and the perceived value of your estate.

If your property is landscaped well, this will affect how your guests, customers, and clients think, allowing them to feel welcome on your property. Wilhelm Brothers is here to design your property with your location, preferences, and budget in mind.


Creating a Florida-friendly landscape not only benefits the environment but also enhances the experience of the people living on the property. At Wilhelm Brothers, our designs are based on the Florida climate and the needs of those who live here. Some of the hardscapes we can incorporate, add to, and maintain are as follows:

1. Walkways – Brick pavers, patios, and stone walkways can improve a property in several ways, such as:

  • Increasing property value
  • Enhancing curb appeal
  • Providing better water drainage
  • Ensuring easier flow of foot traffic
  • Promoting security and safety

A beautiful walkway also provides contrast, elevates the space, and either draws focus to positive property features or moves attention away from unpleasant areas.

2. Retaining Walls – Good landscaping involves utilizing all of the elements available to create a seamless layout. Retaining walls can be made out of multiple materials such as stone, bricks, wood, and even metal. They can stand alone or be used to hold back soil, prevent erosion, and protect your property against summer rains. Some can be used for additional planting options.

3. Landscape Boulders – Large ornamental rocks or stones have many purposes and can be used to create illusion. You can use boulders in many ways, including:

  • Creating a natural property line
  • Concealing outdoor lighting boxes or necessary utilities
  • Building a rustic fire pit or an outdoor fireplace
  • Lining walkways
  • Shaping creeks or bodies of water to direct them away from buildings

The expert designers at Wilhelm Brothers can create a fireplace or pit that is built into the natural part of your landscape, giving you an area where it’s safe to cook or enjoy a nice fire on a cool Florida evening.
Aquatic Design And Carep

There are many ways to add beauty, drama, and style to your landscaping, but few are as effective as adding water elements to your landscape. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, water features such as a soothing garden pond and a stunning waterfall have a powerful effect on a person’s sense of well-being. In addition, something as simple as a strategically placed fountain can improve the attractiveness and beauty of any landscape environment.

With today’s different options, water features require minimal maintenance, and you can shut them off whenever you want to keep your children safe. Aside from helping you design and install them, we also offer pond and water feature maintenance.

Adding a garden pond or other water element to your landscape can increase the choices of flowers and plants that can be incorporated into your property. Using a variety of water plants as well as land-based plants and flowers can further enhance the beauty of any landscaping project. Once we know your preferences and vision, we can design, install, and maintain an inviting landscape that fits your budget and meets your needs and wants.

Aquatic Design And Installation

Full Ecosystem Ponds With Waterfalls

Imagine a pond that hides all signs of being man-made. Each of our ponds is equipped with a waterfall, and it can maintain the balance of its own ecosystem. We can create ponds in all styles for all types of properties.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are for clients who want a water feature but either has safety concerns such as children or doesn’t want the hassle of keeping a pump running. Our pondless waterfalls are maintenance-free and safe for children, and they can be turned off anytime.

Decorative Fountains

A fountain can add an ornamental look to a landscape. We can install a number of styles that suit any property.

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