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Keeping your landscape in excellent condition requires a robust irrigation system. Wilhelm Brothers offers the most technologically advanced irrigation systems to help keep your lawn and ornamental plants lush, healthy, and green. They are fully sustainable to protect the environment and your pocketbook. We have designed them to reduce the amount of water runoff while ensuring proper drainage and maximum water retention.

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Irrigation Systems For Year-Round Beauty

Irrigation needs vary from season to season, and our systems use the latest smart technology to match your lawn care requirements. Smart irrigation technology incorporates data about the climate, water retention of the soil, and the needs of your specific fauna to ensure that you are watering the perfect amount no matter the time of year or the environmental conditions. With our smart irrigation systems, the irrigation of your lawn can be fully automated, saving you time and money on your utility bills.

Fresh, Clean Water For Your Lawn

Water quality is important in irrigation. Fresh, clean water is necessary to help your plants stay healthy and fight against diseases, mold, and pests. We perform a full water audit to ensure that you are getting the cleanest water possible for your landscape. We use a variety of filtration systems and measure the results to help you achieve a perfectly watered lawn.

How The Process Works

The seasoned irrigation technicians at Wilhelm Brothers do not simply install an out-of-the box sprinkler system—we design a custom system that meets the unique needs of your landscape. Here is our process:

  • We inspect your landscape and identify a variety of hydrozones. Hydrozones are used to ensure that each area of your landscape is getting enough water based on the plants, sun exposure, and natural moisture levels there.
  • Next, we do a complete audit of your water quality and determine if there should be a filtration system to keep your plants healthy.
  • Once we’ve identified your needs, we’ll start designing a customized irrigation system for your landscape. We’ll take into account everything from what plants you have to the times of day people in your household are most active outside to seasonal climate changes.
  • We’ll review the smart irrigation systems available and help you find the one that meets your automation needs and your budget.
  • Then, we’ll install the system on your property. We work around your schedule for minimal disruptions, and our installation process is non-invasive, so you don’t have to worry about a massive cleanup afterward.
  • Once the system is installed, we’ll run a full panel of tests to make sure it is in working order and train you on how to run the system.
  • We’ll offer a routine service and maintenance package to ensure that the system continues to function properly and your landscape gets the water it needs.

This whole process is backed by transparent accounting documentation and a robust customer relations management system with a customer portal. We are also staffed by dedicated experts who can address any concerns you may have about your new irrigation system.

Every Drop Of Water Counts

The irrigation experts at Wilhelm Brothers understand how important water conservation is for both our planet and our wallets. Our systems are fully optimized so that not a drop of water is wasted. With a smart irrigation system, you’ll have complete control of the system and never have to worry about overwatering or underwatering again. Everything can be fully automated, so you can just kick back and enjoy your rich, green landscape.

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