One of the things you should do to maintain the landscape on your property is to take care of the soil in it. The condition of the soil is crucial to the health of your plants, so you need to ensure that it gets the proper care. Because not every homeowner knows the ins and outs of proper soil maintenance, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to help you with it.

Read on to find out what a landscape maintenance company can do for your soil.

Soil Testing

A soil test is a series of tests to determine the pH and nutrient status of a landscape. Think of it as a physical exam for your yard. Once the results are in, professionals will be able to provide you with lime and fertilizer recommendations.

A landscape maintenance company can perform a soil test before they work on your landscape. This way, they can determine which plants can thrive in your yard and the proper maintenance methods to keep your landscape healthy.

Why is a soil test important? First, it’s environmentally responsible because without a soil test, you might end up adding unnecessary nutrients to the soil. Second, most types of soil are not ideal for growing good lawns—in fact, a lot of lawns grow on subsoil.


Do you know the right fertilization process for your lawn? Proper fertilization practices equate to a healthy landscape. A landscape maintenance company knows the best kind of fertilizer to use for each type of lawn. Moreover, they know how much fertilizer to apply and when to apply it.

Fertilizing a lawn depends on several factors, such as the water management system in place and the species of grass you already have. If you have little to no knowledge of fertilization, then you might find yourself confused. Hence, it only makes sense to have a professional take care of your landscape soil for you to ensure that everything is on the right track.


There are different irrigation systems available, and although many homeowners prefer sprinklers because they’re easy to use and install, they’re not always the best water system for landscape maintenance. With the help of a landscape maintenance company, you can have an irrigation system set up in the most efficient way possible.

A proper irrigation system can prevent overwatering, which is a common problem for many homeowners in Florida. The sunny weather and heavy rains in the state must be taken into consideration when choosing a water system.

Landscape maintenance professionals can help you identify an irrigation system that can maintain the soil moisture in your yard so that your entire landscape remains in good condition.

Soil Improvement

Soil improvement is a tedious process as there are a lot of elements involved in it. Not every homeowner in Florida has a green thumb, and proper soil maintenance requires the assistance of professionals.

If you think there’s no hope for your soil, think again. When you have a landscape maintenance company by your side, you can look forward to better, healthier soil as they can provide solutions that will enable root systems to grow deeper into the earth. Additionally, they can add organic matter to the soil to improve root penetration and make the necessary adjustments based on the results from the soil test.