Lawns are a common feature of properties all over America. Be they urban or rural, commercial and residential areas are teeming with well-kept lawns and beautiful landscapes. While it takes a good deal to enhance and maintain these eye-catching spaces, homeowners still prefer to have them. That is because they are aesthetic achievements one can take pride in, and they also provide good ambience for homeowners themselves as well as their visitors.

Good For The Eyes, Bad For The Ears

As pleasing as a well-manicured lawn is to the eye, the process of maintaining it can take a toll on the ears. While the noise due to lawn maintenance activities is often only a source of mild disturbance for the neighborhood, it can prove harmful for the landscaper. In maintaining our lawns, we are responsible for not only doing it in an environmentally friendly way but also keeping the neighborhood free of noise pollution.

Public Disturbance

It takes considerable effort to sustain the beauty of your yard, lawn, or garden, and the constant mowing and blowing may lead to complaints from your neighbors. As a courtesy, some of the ways you can deal with it are by managing your plants (for example, plant tall, thick trees that may block noise) or modifying your outdoor spaces (put up a fence or install water features). However, even if the noise is reduced because of these measures, the workers themselves will still be subjected to and affected by it. The best thing to do then is to use alternative equipment that doesn’t generate a lot of noise.

Occupational Hazards

In a report cited by the Center for Disease and Control (CDC), there are 912,360 landscapers or groundkeepers in the country, in addition to the 100,320 first line workers in landscaping, lawn service, and groundskeeping companies. All of them are identified to be among the 22 million workers in the US who are at high risk of hearing loss. Noise from equipment or machinery is an occupational hazard, and it’s something we must take the necessary steps to prevent. There are already several states imposing bans on extremely noisy leaf blowers, and the rest of us should turn to innovations designed to lessen noise and noise-related injuries alike.

New Quiet Electric Landscape Equipment

A recent trend in this respect is that more and more companies are moving toward electric equipment whenever possible. This includes automated lawnmowers and other battery-operated devices. By hiring companies that resort to quieter landscaping methods, you are making the process more bearable for those who live nearby and for those who are working on your lawn. Electric landscape equipment is not just better for the ears but also better for the air—it is proven to aid in reducing pollution and emissions compared to traditional gas-powered mowers and blowers. Automated lawnmowers, on the other hand, allow landscaping or groundskeeping personnel to focus on the other aspects of your landscape that need tending to.

Wilhelm Brothers Strives to provide the best possible service, and we have moved to help reduce the noise from our landscape maintenance teams, in part by using electric landscape maintenance equipment where practical. Contact Wilhelm Brothers today to learn how our landscape maintenance services have reduced noise.